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Defying brain and body deterioration - Is this a possible task?

An informal discussion by Marilyn Sidwell, owner of Nutrition Pure and Simple
I want to discuss these well-known senior-related diseases:

Alzheimer’s and Senile Dementia

The cause and progression of these conditions is not well understood.

And Type 3 Diabetes

A brain specific diabetes
Please help us get the word out!
There are three products from Nutrition Pure and Simple that could be considered for preserving, and possibly reversing  (an unknown result of supplementation) your mental and physical health as you age.  Download the Alzheimer's pdf. 


There is a lot of well-documented information available about nutritional deficiencies in the elderly. In addition to genetic composition, the elderly don’t eat well, don’t chew well, don’t smell worth a darn - and for a host of other reasons they are more likely to be malnourished than any other age group. This is why a superb bioavailable multi vitamin and mineral formula, such as Opti-Vites should be your first consideration. You must provide the wonderful chemical factory that you live in with its nutritional needs daily! You should also focus on sources of high quality protein in the diet.


Opti-PUFAWhat is the 2nd supplement?


Opti-PUFA  contains GLA (gamma linolenic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). These Essential Fatty Acids (because the body MUST have them) are deficient in our western diet. DHA is important for neurological structure, and EPA is important for function. CAT scans of the brain show there is loss of brain structure in the aging brain that is even more severe in Alzheimer’s disease. And tests that show Alzheimer’s also show a definite loss of function. Some doctors are using an algal DHA for treatment. Many doctors are using fish oil for treatment. None of the studies we can find are also using GLA (gamma linolenic acid). Studies show a decrease in Arachidonic Acid (AA) in Alzheimer’s - and GLA is a precursor of AA, another essential fatty acid.  GLA also amplifies the effectiveness of fish oil because it is a precursor of the prostaglandin 1 series.
Consider 4 to 8 capsules of Opti-PUFA per day.



There is a third product that also bears consideration: Ultra Monolaurin

For years monolaurin has been recommended by doctors for colds and flu.  More recent work (some with the CDC) has extended its use to other, more difficult to solve, problems such as MRSA, AIDS and HIV.  It has been used for protazoa infestations and fungus infections.


How does Monolaurin relate to the problems of the aging brain?
That's a good question!

A little biochemistry.  The main source of energy for brain cells is glucose. The source of glucose is carbohydrate.  And, as you already know, carbohydrate is a problem for persons with Diabetes and blood sugar problems.

Recent investigations have shown that Insulin is produced by the healthy brain.  In Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia the brain loses its ability to produce insulin and becomes insulin resistant.  This has caused some to call this condition Type 3 Diabetes.  The brain cells lose their ability to use glucose for energy.  Consequently, the cells die and the brain shrinks.  But brain cells do have the ability to use Keytones for energy if they are available.  When medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are metabolized they form ketones in large amounts.  Coconut oil contains 60% MCFA.  Ultra Monolaurin contains 90% mid-chain fatty acids.

If you decide to add coconut oil to your diet, be sure that it is not hydrogenated, and that it is Pure Virgin coconut Oil.

There is recent work involving the successful use of coconut oil for Alzheimer’s Disease.  In addition, there is a prescription drug Axona™, which is made from coconut oil.  The active ingredient in this prescription food is a synthetic medium chain triglyceride (MCT).  Studies have shown improvement in Alzheimer’s patients using Axona™.

The Metabolism of Ketones

It is thought that the metabolism of MCTs to ketones is responsible for this improvement.  The ability of neural tissue to use ketones as an energy source when glucose is not available is well known.  One of the benefits of the Atkins -type, low carbohydrate diet, is that it does cause ketones to be produced by the body.

As mentioned above Coconut oil is approximately 60% MCFA.

Ultra Monolaurin is a 90% pure Mono glyceride distillate from coconut oil.  Lauric Acid is the highest MCFA by percentage in Opti-Monolaurin.  In addition, it contains the other MCFAs, Myristic Acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid.

Please Note: Ultra Monolaurin (and its companions) is a monoglyceride - not a triglyceride.  And Lauric acid (found in mother’s milk and other sources) becomes monolaurin in the human body. The information below are rough approximations of the MCFAs in the various coconut products.

Density of coconut oil 0.908 (1ml = 0.91 gm) and it contains approximately 55% MCFA. Therefore 45 ml of coconut oil (4 tablespoons) contains approximately 22.5 gm MCFA

MCFA content of Ultra Monolaurin: 1/4 tsp = 0.75 gm. 1 tsp = 3 gm. 1 Tbsp = 9 gm

Axona™ (a prescription medical food) packet = 44 gm powder with 20 gm cyprilic triglyceride, approximately 20 gms MCFA.

The amount one would choose to use of any or all of these coconut products depends upon age, risk factors, symptoms, and response, and should be under the direction of a qualified health care professional.

The three products that are VERY important to preserve brain and body health.
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Opti-PUFA 4-8/day pdf Buy Opti-PUFA
Ultra Monolaurin 1 tsp - 1 tbsp/day pdf   Buy Ultra Monolaurin
A Basic Package for Body and Brain pdf Buy the Package

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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