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John W Jones, MD, MPH

So many good things to try
BEFORE meds or surgery

  • Adjust Diet
  • Chiropractic &/or Massage
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Meditation

To name just a FEW

“It is my belief that high quality Nutritional Supplements are necessary for your good health and healthy aging.  Information here lets you benefit from my years of training, study and medical practice.”

Nutrition 101 – for Everyone

  • I provide Information on how you can effectively use Nutritional Supplements and Herbs
  • Read the White Papers on current health subjects
  • Because you want to complement or have alternatives for medical treatments, such as surgery and/or Prescription drugs, we provide that information, too
  • I provide Information about Nutritional Supplements that can enhance the effectiveness of many medical treatments.

View my Nutritional Recommendations for Daily Living, and Protocols to solve problems from health conditions which may respond to Nutritional Supplementation. You will also find information on products which I designed for my medical practice. I require high quality in the Nutritional Supplements which I use and recommend. The products in my protocols are manufactured in the USA and contain high quality ingredients for maximum effectiveness and absorption. Read a White Paper on each Product.

Do you need Nutritional Supplements?

If you want to stay healthy you do!   Plus, in many cases the body can heal itself if given the proper essential nutrients

My Signature Product Formulations

I have formulated a number of nutritional products, but I rely heavily on two of them,   I consider that they form the foundation for all my Nutritional Recommendations – nutritional prescriptions, if you will.


 Ultra Omega Linic 
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