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About Nutrition Pure and Simple, LLC.

by Marilyn Sidwell, Owner 


Many people desire a quality of life that is does not include surgery and medications.  A nutritional approach to various problems is supportive, and often more effective than either of these choices.  But, if you have investigated the market you know it is not easy to choose from the hundreds of nutrients (and the companies that supply them).

In March of 2010 I formed a company called Nutrition Pure and Simple, LLC.  I did this because Dr Jones had difficulty getting the supplements he wanted for our musculoskeletal practice in Coeur d’Alene, ID, which focuses on Nutrition and Pain Relief.  Our new product line includes products that Dr Jones has formulated, and which he has determined to be important and cost effective.  In addition, we are distributors for all the Time Labs products.  This includes their Salon and Spa skin care products, as well as Windrose Aromatics – plus NutraHerbal nutritional supplements.

As you may know, John Jones, MD, MPH, was the Medical Director of the Key company.  In that capacity he designed many of the most popular Key Company products.   Now he is the Nutritional Consultant for Nutrition Pure and Simple.


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About Time Labs

When new products need to be formulated Dr Jones works with Annemarie Buhler, the president and founder of Time Laboratories. They work to produce top-of-the-line  supplements that are manufactured in the United States using the highest quality raw materials from the Americas and Europe.  Because Time Laboratories is a major supplier of quality nutritional supplements, we have incorporated many of their products to round out our product line.

Nutrition Pure and Simple is a web based company with a shopping cart.  We work closely with Dr Jones and this website.  We love Dr Jones’ protocols.  We co-write the articles, seek out and test gluten-free and low carbohydrate recipes, and provide product information. You can download pdf files, including Dr Jones’ protocols, plus product information, and the catalog of Nutritional Supplements.

Bonus:  Dr Jones is available to answer your questions – as he had done in the past.

While the website www.NutritionPureandSimple.com is available for retail sales, we  also provide Professional pricing.

Please use our “Contact” link which you can use to contact me.  The products, we promise, are more effective than those you have used in the past.


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